Ellen Cuthrell

Building Skills for School and Life

Do you have a child with learning differences, emotional challenges, anxiety or depression?

Or, are you a parent or an adult who is looking for therapeutic coaching?


PA certified Reading Specialist

PA certified English teacher

B.A. in English and Psychology

M.S. in Reading

Certified Life Coach


intellectually challenged to gifted students




other learning or emotional difficulties

If you need a combination of educational skill building and executive function skill building, with a compassionate and therapeutic teacher and life coach for your middle school to college-aged student, or if you are an adult seeking life coaching, please call or email for a consultation.

"This role and this position of learning support is without a doubt a required buffer or gatekeeping of his rights and his needs. Part of her position requires Ellen to work with teachers, offer guidance and maintain a strong role to maintain and to support my son's educational needs. In the past, I have often encountered teachers, who have not been educated to the required needs of students with Dyslexia. Often teachers feel that learning support is unnecessary and that if student’s work harder, or are less lazy, they can achieve.  That mindset is, without doubt, the biggest challenge and detriment to student’s who require accommodations such as scribing, interpretation, and writing and editing support. "


"Ellen’s role was to help my daughter develop compensating skills for her executive functioning deficits and processing speed delays in order to reach her full potential.  Little did I know that Ellen would also become an emotional outlet for my daughter who up to this point was very guarded emotionally. Her support and encouragement gave my daughter the confidence to advocate for herself and achieve academic honors.  I could never have imagined that in such a short period of time, my daughter would transform back to the curious learner that she was as a young child."

E .M.


"Ellen is an amazing advocate for her students. She has successfully worked with the school to make needed adjustments so her students can be more successful. She is extraordinarily thoughtful and supportive. Ellen is approachable, warm and caring, creating a wonderful connection with the kids. Yet she is also tough and challenges them in a respectful way that causes them to respond very well to her."



"Ellen created a safe environment for my son that was free of judgment.  She accepted him for who he is and successfully tapped into his passions and intellect.  The result was my son became comfortable enough to start taking risks with his writing. Slowly, he started to expand his written answers from the bare minimum to proudly building arguments and sharing his thoughts. Today my son is taking all honors classes and just received an A- in honors English and a B in US AP History."



"Ellen has been my son’s Advisor and Learning Skills teacher at our School for the past two years. My son has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) resulting in severe challenges with focus, organization and executive functioning skills. I am not exaggerating when I say that after years of struggling with these challenges, Ellen has quite literally changed our lives when we enrolled our son at this school. For the first time, we can envision a bright future for him where he is able to manage his ADD successfully on his own."



"Ellen’s ability to understand, educate and support and equip my son with the right resources, technology, and scribe techniques is fundamental to his needs. She is an asset and invaluable and we are deeply thankful that we have found Ellen. She is by far the  the best learning support educator I have encountered. She is one of the rarest and most cherished teachers, who truly puts my son first, her heart and her dedication will forever positively impact my son’s life, and for that, I am eternally grateful. "